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Meet The Team

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Jen Hogan, LMT

The Heart of Healing; Massage Therapy and Energy Medicine

I integrate over 20 years of practice and experience in wholistic health and healing modalities into every session. I use intuitive touch and guidance to locate and loosen areas of discomfort in the body. Schedule a session if you are ready to feel more comfortable and connected in your body.


Text is best: (860) 863-5900

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Michelle Behme

Medium/Spiritual Healer

I am a medium that connects with loved ones who have transitioned on. With their help, once I give you validation, we work together to address any concerns that are happening in your life and provide healing to give you the best guidance possible.

(203) 213-8577


Debbie Killingbeck

Reiki Master Teacher

The first time I received reiki it was part of a counseling session.  It was so relaxing and I could feel the stress leaving my body.  I started taking classes and to say the least, it has changed my life.  I love practicing reiki as it allow me to be calm and centered, while helping others feel the same. Reiki balances energy within the mind, body, and spirit.  Allow me to help you on your healing journey.

(860) 538-8777


Linda Ciotto

CranioSacral Therapy/Reiki Master

My holistic journey in Reiki began in 2002, and I became a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2015. In 2007 I began training in Craniosacral Therapy and completed Advanced courses with Upledger Institute. I then continued my training in Multiple Energy Healing Modalities which enhanced my abilities to Intuitively sense imbalances within the body. In 2015, I became a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist to further my knowledge of the bodies desire to self-heal through nutrients, supplements, and exercises.

(860) 402-1607

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Cindi Sanchez

Shaman, Reiki Master

My healing career began over 25 years ago as a registered nurse practicing Western medicine. During that time, I had many experiences that traditional medicine could not explain. These experiences lead me on an exploration of the metaphysical world, quantum physics and much more. I learned how to communicate with spirit and spent many years doing so. My life passion is healing, guidance, and spiritual awakening. You are never alone and have a field of intelligence that surrounds you to guide you in making choices to create a joyful life. You were given two gifts from our Creator in physical manifestation. These gifts are the catalyst to creating the life you want to experience. Unconditional Love and Choice. Together let’s discover the beautiful treasures that await you. 

(860) 406 -1337

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Raquel Moragues

Reiki Two practitioner/ Intuitive Empath/ Empowerment Teacher

I am a Reiki Two Practitioner, Empowerment Teacher and Intuitive Empath. I use these abilities to connect to your emotional and physical pain as well as connect you to your guides. My gifts allow me to heal and guide you to a happier life. I also use Tarot and Oracle cards for guidance and healing. I have been practicing for three years under Raquel Moragues at One Love Healing.

(860) 818-8459

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